What is the US Government doing?

by Informationalist Blog

Recently I have found this starting to show up in the pass few months of our government agencies purchasing weapon ammo, and for what?

DHS (Department of Homeland Security), ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection), FPS (U.S. Federal Protective Service) have all been purchasing several Hundred Thousands (100,000’s) to Millions (1,000,000’s) rounds of ammunition. For what reason is this for?

According to some reports say’s to fight “homegrown terrorism”, and others maybe expecting a national emergence. It’s said that our black government (NSA, CIA & others) is up to something and why are there over 140 executive orders that have been put in place by congress, and our president.

My understanding is the government is preparing for something big that is coming up in the next few months. Please do your own research I will have credits at the bottom of this article.

Sources: Natural News, Occupy Corporatism, The White House, Clyde Lewis.

I have source a few articles here that I will reference you to. Please do your own research, I’m trying to make this an information hub to so you can find in one place.